Norfolk, VA

Virginia Initiative Plant Nutrients Reduction Improvements Contract B

  • Bid Date: January 28, 2014
  • Contractor: Mid Eastern Builders
  • Project Team: Tim Griffin & Jimmy Stephens
  • Engineer: HDR Engineering
Project Description

The objective of the VIP project was to construct several new facilities and upgrading existing facilities to support the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD). Some of the new facilities include the construction of a Preliminary Treatment Facility, Equalization Tank, Grit Tank Influent Box, Secondary Clarifier, Chlorine Contact Channel. Upgrades being made to existing facilities include the Chemical Feed Building, Primary Solids Holding Tank and NEF Building (Primary Solids Fermenter), Anaerobic/Anoxic Basins, Aerobic Basins, Primary Clarifier, Chlorine Contract Tank, Pipe Galleries & Chemical Feed Systems. Construction of the VIP project is set to complete in 2017.

The VIP project requires over $5 million of DIP materials provided by C&B Piping. The products include 4” – 60” push on and restrained underground pipe, MJ and restrained joint, flanged fittings, flanged pipe, and wedge restraints with 316 hardware. Linings include cement, 401, and CBGL911 glass.


Irvine, CA

Michelson Water Recycling Plant - Biosolids & Energy Recovery Facilities Project 20847

  • Bid Date: January 31, 2013
  • Contractor: J.R. Filanc/Balfour Beatty Joint Venture
  • Project Team: Bill Hanley & Nathan Trevor
  • Engineer: Black & Veatch
Project Description

The Biosolids Energy & Recovery Facilities Project integrates a new state-of-the-art organics-handling system at the Michelson Water Recycling Plant. This new system includes biosolids processing, biogas management, and energy recovery systems. The system makes efficient and sustainable use of locally generated renewable resources by creating a beneficial use of biosolids and biogases that are produced during the wastewater treatment/recycling process.

C&B was selected by J.R. Filanc/Balfour Beatty JV to provide the ductile iron piping systems required for the project. The piping consisted of over $2 million worth of glass lined and Protecto 401 lined piping systems. C&B was representated by InPlant Sales in Garden Grove, California.


Riverside, CA

Western Riverside 14 MGD Plant Expansion - Project W-230

  • Bid Date: November 18, 2014
  • Contractor: W.M. Lyles
  • Project Manager: Juan Ahumada
  • Engineer: Webb Engineering
Project Description

In 2014, Western Riverside County Regional Water Authority hired W.M. Lyles to complete the 14 MGD expansion of their Western Riverside treatment plant. W.M. Lyles selected C&B Piping to manufacture/supply all of the ductile iron pipe systems required for the project. This project consisted of 4”-48” sizes of piping, and including CBGL911 glass lined piping as well as Protecto 401 Ceramic Epoxy lined piping. Some of the piping required exterior coating of Ceramawrap Epoxy on the pipe and fittings for corrosion protection. This project required American Iron & Steel products with domestic manufactured threaded companion flanges installed by C&B Piping, Inc.


Mobile, AL

CC Williams WWTP

  • Bid Date: November 16, 2015
  • Contractor: J&P Construction
  • Project Manager: Barry Atkinston
  • Engineer: Baskerville Donovan
Project Description

Located in Mobile, AL, this project consists of the replacement of the removal of the existing facilities and piping and construction of the new headworks structure, construction of the new primary clarifier & effluent pump station located at the CC Williams WWTP.

J&P Construction placed their confidence in C&B Piping to manufacture and supply over $2.2 Million of ductile iron piping on this American Iron & Steel project. The product range consisted of 4" - 48" restrained joint pipe, closure welding for 54", flange and MJ fittings 4" thru 48" and 54" restrained joint fittings.


Bossier City, LA

Red River WWTP

  • Bid Date: June 3, 2012
  • Contractor: Max Foote Construction
  • Project Manager: Tim Stewart
  • Engineer: Manchac Consulting Group
Project Description

Max Foote Construction selected C&B Piping, Inc to manufacture and supply over $2 million worth of Protecto 401 lined ductile iron pipe & fittings for this expansion project.


Union City, CA

Alvarado Wastewater Treatment Plant Thickener Control Building

  • Bid Date: July 1, 2014
  • Contractor: GSE Construction
  • Project Manager: Mario Lozano
  • Engineer: Corollo
Project Description

This project includes the demolition of the existing Thickener Control Building, including scum pits and flow splitter structure; construction of new Thickener Control Structure with built-in utility trenches; installation of three new progressing cavity sludge pumps, two grinder pumps and two flow meters; construction of new Thickener Electrical Building; installation of new thickened primary sludge yard piping; and replacement of obsolete primary scum pumps.

Capital Flow Waterworks and C&B Piping were selected by GSE to provide the ductile iron piping systems for this project. The majority of the piping required was glass lined with CBGL911 porcelain glass lining by C&B Piping.    Some of the glass lined pipe systems were also supplied with exterior thermal insulation.


Chandler, AZ

Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility Process Improvements

  • Bid Date: August 1, 2015
  • Contractor: Sundt / McCarthy A Joint Venture
  • Project Manager: B.J. Peterson & Sagrado Sparks
  • Engineer: Wilson Engineers / Corollo
Project Description

The $120 million project includes $20 million in upgrades to the existing wastewater treatment plant and construction of a new $100 million expansion facility, which will utilize membrane bioreactor technology (MBR) to reduce the facility’s pollution output and sludge production.

C&B Piping was selected to provide over $4.0 million worth of ductile iron piping required for the project.   Nearly all of the piping was glass lined or Protecto 401 Ceramic Epoxy lined.   This project includes the size range of 4”-48” piping and included restrained joint piping, flanged joint, grooved joint, and restrained mechanical joints.    500’ of 36” TR FLEX® restrained joint pipe and fittings were glass lined using CBGL911 by C&B Piping, Inc.     C&B was represented by Iron Horse Plant Group in Gilbert, AZ. 


Knoxville, TN

Mark B. Whitaker WTP

  • Bid Date: August 28, 2012
  • Contractor: Haren Construction
  • Project Manager: Dan Berry & Rick Patton
  • Engineer: CDM Smith
Project Description

This project consisted  of the construction of a 70 MGD submersible pump station including four (4) submersible pumps with VFDs and their associated controls, new influent and effluent yard piping to tie the existing and proposed structures together consisting of DI pipe up to 48” diameter.

Haren Construction selected C&B Piping to supply all of the ductile iron piping systems on this project.   The majority of the piping required was large diameter Protecto 401 Ceramic Epoxy lined.  Interior piping at the pump station required special fabricated flange bossed outlets on both fittings and flanged pipe.



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